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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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What a year!

This picture is of my wife Jessica and I having dinner in Lima, Peru on our recent Machu Pichu trip.

Tomorrow I will be leaving on vacation for the Holidays and this will probably be my last post of the year. 2006 was a tremendous year for me. I really ventured into some uncharted waters and got to live part of my mission which revolves around learning new things and having new experiences.

The year started with me getting a road bike - read my earlier post Getting ready for Time for Intentions. This really pushed me in the physical arena.

Next came the blog and the Xtraordinary Living podcast series - read my earlier post titled "Why?". The writing of the blog has made my life much more interesting. Knowing that I will be writing regularly, I'm constantly looking for things I can share. This focus has truly enriched my life. Thanks to the podcast series, I've met some fascinating people who are doing incredible things.

I've had to learn a lot about the new technologies out there. This is both a source of great joy and great frustration.

The learning vacations in Portugal and Machu Pichu have left me with incredible memories.

Lastly, I've increased my leadership and management role inside of Pl&L by working with my sales staff. This has probably been the greatest challenge of all - since it happens to be my weakest area. The good news is that I've certainly improved my skills. The bad news is that I have so much more go before I will consider myself somewhat competent.

2007 is around the corner and I can't wait to get started. We are putting the final touches on a couple of new products launching in January that will expand our client's options to do personal development. We also have some wonderful Learning Vacations scheduled.

I'll sign off by wishing you a Happy Holiday season and thank you for everything you all have contributed to my Xtraordinary life!