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Monday, June 26, 2006

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Portugal - What an adventure!

I just returned from the Time for Intentions Learning Vacation in Portugal. The trip was everything I hoped it would be and more!

Portugal is a beautiful country with very friendly people. Our local guides, Vittor & Pedro, provided us with a great amount of insight and perspective about the Portuguese culture that added much depth to our experience.

Another wonderful thing we got to experience, was Portugal winning a couple of their Soccer World Cup matches. It seemed like a continuous week-long celebration was in place.

Our group consisted of 15 people who were eager to embrace the challenge and adventure of traveling through a country in a less than traditional manner. We covered almost 300 miles along the beautiful Costa Azul (Blue Coast.) For most of us, the journey began many months before when we started getting in biking shape for this trip. We had a wide range of biking experience - from 3 very accomplished riders who regularly ride 100-200 miles per week to some people who hadn't been on a bike in over 20 years. We all had different goals and objectives as it related to the biking. The biking experience added a wonderful component to the course. There were many lessons learned and in the end, we all felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

I'm sure I will be sharing more about this trip in the near future. However I just wanted to post a quick update and get back into my blogging mode since it's been a while since I posted.

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Jean O'Neill said...

I fully concur with what Rick said. Time for Intentions in Portugal started for me when I registered and I got clear on how I wanted to do the trip. In hindsight, I had a very clear intention about my training, my biking skills and strength in Portugal and the fun I was going to have. My intention was far surpassed before we even got there when the airline stewardess called my name and told me the captain wanted to move me to first class. Ultimately I and my fellow biking companion, Karen, started our trip in Business class. It was a great trip for me and as always when I travel with PL&L, everything was smooth and easy (except for the steep hills and cobblestones sometimes. ) The group consensus was this was fabulous and when can we do it again. Thanks fellow bikers for a great experience and I encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new (I was one of those who had not biked for over 18 years) Jean O'Neill

Karen said...

“Once upon a time a Princess named Karen went to Portugal to ride a bike around the beauty of this country. She trained well for the trip - rode miles and miles and over hills. She thought she was ready for a ride of her life...she never know what was really in store for her...

The Princess giggled for joy as she was pampered in Business Class with her friend, Jean. She was amazed with the all the ocean views through the castle rooms. The scenery of storks hanging out in their nests on top of telephone polls, the depths of the cliffs and the colorful buildings throughout the towns were full of uniqueness and beauty. She adventured out and guided well in tasting delicious fish along with this excellent textured chocolate mousse (yum). The leaders of the ride and class gave her encouragement – and the Princess learned to like it no matter how it was delivered.

After one week the Princess was no longer a Princess – she became a Queen as she rode those back roads and hills with an incredible vision and extraordinary intentions.”

Thank you Rick, fellow Cyclists, Easy Rider and Roosters for giving me the creative push to get up the extraordinary intention hill!

Karen :)

Terry Allen said...

The "Time for Intentions" class started long before the actual class. My intention for the trip was for it to be relaxing which isn't always the case in my vacations or cycling trips. This time I wanted the cycling portion to be mellow and the focus on sight seeing. This intent simplied the pre-trip decisions in that I didn't take my own bike and consequently didn't have to deal with transporting it. So even before taking the class it aided me with creating a more relaxing vacation. I continue to frequently do intention writing, it really helps me clarify and stay aware of how I want my day and life to be.

The trip itself was great. Cycling is a great way to see a country, I got far more of the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside. The other notable of the trip is the great group of people that I did it with. It's really enjoyable to me to travel with such a happy and aware group of people. Thank you everyone for making it such a memorable experience.