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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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Podcast Episode #10 - The Power of Thought

Episode #10 of the Xtraordinary Living podcast is out. The topic is The Power of Thought. In this episode, you'll hear:

-- How Ken made the decision to change his life through changing his thinking.
-- How Judy Foster, Ken's wife, founded Shared Vision in 1991 (originally called Women's Wisdom) and upon marrying Ken incorporated his global vision. Hence, the word "Network" was added.
-- What PL&L course did Judy and Ken take, and how it helped them maximize their potential and double their income in one year.
-- Why Shared Vision Network is growing exponentially, and how you can get involved.
-- What impact their first Global Business Conference had last year, and how you can register for the upcoming 6-day tele-conference.
-- and more.

Just as PL&L reaches individuals on a one-to-one basis, Shared Vision Network is taking the power of oneƂ’s thinking to people in over 70 countries. When companies like PL&L and SVN form strategic alliances, there is synergistic magic. This magic helps more people live consciously and in awareness.

The episode is 21 minutes long. If you have broadband, click on the player below:

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If you don't have broadband, click here:Podcast Episode #10.

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