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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Swimming with Whales

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that I get to travel to incredible places and experience some things that few people in the world ever get to do. One of my most Xtraordinary experiences ever was swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga.

I've had the privilege of sharing some incredible moments with these beautiful animals in two different Learning Vacations.

Warning! The following videos may cause you to get so inspired that you'll want to experience this yourself! :-) Should that be the case, we'll be going back to Tonga in 2008 and you may want to join us. Enjoy!

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Andy said...

Wow do these videos bring back memories. I attended PL&Ls first Tonga workshop in 2002, topic Vision Quest. It was a life changing event for me.

Slowly everyday the whales became curious about us, coming in closer when we were out in the Zodiacs and later near the expedition boat. Then as in the videos they began “pop-sees” checking us out. The grand finally took place on our last day when a large female came up to the expedition boat to frolic, hanging out within 10’ most of the time, for about 45 minutes. Round and round she went rolling onto her back and slapping away at the water. So naturally most of us jumped in to join her in the fun. Amazing! Extraordinary!

Here, out in the middle of nowhere we worked on Vision Quest and then the whales, back and forth. I had several AH HA moments pushing me along the path of personal awareness growth. I point at this workshop and a previous one in Switzerland as break through events in my life.

On top of all this I found a new sport. I learned to SCUBA dive for this trip. Today I’m a PADI certified Master Diver. I live in Milwaukee. If you would ever like to do some really cold diving into some amazing great lakes wrecks, look me up.


KWiz said...

How beautiful! I love water "animals"... That may sound juvenile, but all I can do is enjoy them out of the water (I don't swim). But the video is wonderful! It looks like so much incredible fun! And the whales are absolutely gorgeous!

martin said...

...if you need a cameraman on your next trip, let me know ;)

Must have been an amazing trip.

Lizzy said...

That looks INCREDIBLE!