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Friday, February 16, 2007

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Structure - One of the 3 pillars of change

Earlier this month I wrote a post about the 3 necessary elements - Vision, Structure & Support - to have a fighting chance of succeeding when trying to change something in our lives. This post is about Structure.

The dictionary definition of structure is: anything composed of parts arranged together in some way; an organization. A synonym for Structure is: System.

What this means is that unless you have a system in place for you to achieve something, you probably won't. Examples of systems include: automatic withdrawals from a checking account into a savings or investment account (to build wealth), working out with a trainer or enrolling in Yoga classes (for fitness), automatic backup (for your computer data), email auto-responders (to notify people you're out of the office), etc.

Our new "QuoteActions" program is designed to provide a fast, easy and inexpensive Awareness Structure to keep our mind focused on positive things during the day and reinforce conscious thinking.

As the name states, "QuoteActions" consists of a quote that is either inspirational, motivational or introspective and a recommended supporting action that helps make the quote "come alive".

When you think about how most of us start the day - by either reading, watching or listening to the news - you realize that our day typically starts by being exposed to a barrage of negative news. After all, that is what the media sells. The "QuoteActions" program is a great way to offer an alternative to that and start the day on a positive note.

If you are a PL&L client and you are really committed about making some of the changes you need to make to help you create an Xtraordinary Life, then you ought to at least give this program a try. I'm quite certain you will find it to be a very nice addition to your course curriculum.

If you're not a PL&L client, then this is the least expensive & most convenient way for you to see whether what we offer is a good fit for you in your life.

If you are already a "QuoteActions" user, I would love to hear from you about how you are liking the program and what kind of impact has it had in your life.

To find out more about this program, you can click on any of the "QuoteActions" links or on the logo above.

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Oldude59 said...

Just because I am curious - of all the possible "positive" quotes to select - on what grounds do you choose? As someone that heads a firm that works with addicts of all sorts of causes - I felt an obligation to describe my grounding for suggestions I make. Not that you have to do the same, I'm curious if you have or feel the need.

Rick Itzkowich said...

Olddude, you ask a good question. The first criterion I use for selecting a quote is that it "speaks to me." While there are thousands of quotes out there, only some resonate with me. The second criterion is that I can use the content of the quote to create a short assignment that is relevant to the quote. This is the more challenging part. The 3rd (and to a much lesser extent) criterion is that the quote needs to be relatively short. Thanks for asking