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Monday, February 26, 2007

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The Joy of Learning and Discovery

A key ingredient in Xtraordinary Living is constant learning and discovery. One of the best aspects of having started blogging and podcasting, is the amount of learning and discovery I've experienced over the past year. Not only have I met incredibly talented and interesting people, but I have been exposed to things that are quite exciting. This post is about using technology as a way to help us become more connected.

I recently joined two networking sites: LinkedIn and MyBlogLog. LinkedIn is primarily designed to help you connect with business associates while MyBlogLog helps you connect with other bloggers.

I remember reading a book by John Naisbitt called Megatrends where the author talked about how the more "high tech" we become, the more "high touch" we crave. Twenty years later that certainly seems to be the case.

As humans we crave a sense of connection. And with technology becoming more entrenched in every area of our lives, that need for connection with other humans gets amplified. While many people use technology as a way to isolate themselves - after all who needs people with so many exciting gadgets - the choice can be made to use technology as a way to get more connected. My experiences in both these networking communities validates the latter.

I have recently been introduced to someone whom I wanted to meet for some time as a result of a LinkedIn contact. And thanks to MyBlogLog I have not only learned about many new and exciting features and information on blogs and podcasting, but the traffic to this blog has increased by 20%. In addition, I've met some truly friendly and helpful people.

Don't be afraid to check out some of these sites and see if they may be a good fit for you. You can check my LinkedIn profile on the right sidebar and MyBlogLog's community on the left.

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Martin said...

I find that constant learning, i.e. constantly discovering new things, pushing my edge, is one of the greatest joys in life.

And I also had an a-ha moment with electronic communication. By pure chance did I find a long-lost-very-good-friend again, thanks to Skype :)

And finally I just have to congratulate you on your blog design. Very clean, clear and nice.