left Xtraordinary Living At Its Best: Focus and Accountability

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Focus and Accountability

In Podcast #7 we talked about the impact of mentoring and how my partner Lindon and I hired two people to serve as our advisory board. Yesterday we had our monthly meeting with our advisors Tom and Bob. It was a great reminder of the value of having both Focus and Accountability in business - and in life!

Tom & Bob do for Lindon and I what we do for our clients: they find out what is important to us, help us focus and hold us accountable for what we said we would do. While difficult to do sometimes, it is highly effective.

The pursuit of Xtraordinary is greatly aided by having focus and accountability. Who - besides you - is holding you accountable?


Diana Dron said...


You addressed several issues in your last few posts that made me sit back and wonder more about my life, question what is really important to me, and forced me to look at some tough issues:

What is an extraordinary life for me?

How many more of the "little things" can I do that will help someone or brighten someone else's day?

Who holds me accountable and for what? Do I need someone to hold me accountable for other things?

I am sure that more will come up as I go back and reread parts of your blog. And, while I don't have answers, or complete answers, to all of these questions, I am working on it here and there. When I a little further with my answers, I will let you know what they are.

As always, thanks for sharing,