left Xtraordinary Living At Its Best: Curiosity killed the cat?

Monday, August 28, 2006

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Curiosity killed the cat?

I'm a very curious person, and I like numbers. This combination is what prompted me to write this post. While I can currently get the number of visitors to our Xtraordinary Living blog, I have no idea who they are. The curious part of me would love to know this information. Since one of the reasons I started the blog was to have a vehicle to experiment and have fun with -- read one of my earliest posts -- I'm really excited about this one. Also, another fun part of creating the blog is surprising my partner Lindon - since he never knows what kind of "entrepreneurial seizure" I'll have next!

I decided to offer you a "quid pro quo." In exchange for you letting me know who you are, I will give you a gift. I'm offering you one of our audio CD programs as a gift. All you have to do is click here. As an FYI - at PL&L we never sell, share or trade any of your information - ever.

I would also welcome any comments you have. Another reason I started this blog was to have a conversation. Anytime you comment it allows me the opportunity to do so.