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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Podcast Episode #1 - Experimenting

I believe that a big part of creating an Xtraordinary Life is the willingness to experiment, make mistakes and fail. The key is to LEARN, apply the lesson(s) and try the experiment again with the newfound insights. Repeating this cycle on a consistent basis will take us to places we never dreamed we could reach.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this blog and our newly created podcast series (see the end of this post for some of the results of my experimenting) is that I get to experiment, learn and be creative in a new setting that is very enjoyable for me. I'm also using this learning as a source of new material that I can bring to the courses I'm leading. Lindon and I are also strong advocates of putting ourselves in the student role as often as possible so that we can bring a lot more empathy and understanding to our role of facilitators. There is nothing more powerful when you facilitate courses than teach from experience.

If you are a current subscriber to this blog and you get notified every time there is a new post, you may be wondering why you are getting a notice where there doesn't seem to be any new posts. The reason for it is due to my experimenting. I'm trying new stuff out and when it doesn't work, I delete it. So now you'll know every time I have experimented and failed. However, I'm confident that you will see the improvements as we go along.

A skiing instructor told me once that if "you are not falling, you are not pushing yourself and you are not learning." Happy experimenting.

If you haven't already listened to the first Xtraordinary Living podcast episode, you can do so by clicking on the player below.

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George said...

Experimenting is a good topic. In my own journey it seems that I constantly have to "try things out" and see what fits for me. Someone once said that "one thing that keeps a person in everlasting ignorance is contempt prior to investigation." It seems that the longer I stick with personal growth experiences like classes, counseling, etc. the more delayed the results get.

Early on I would go to class, get an awareness and feel great! Then, as I continued on, the awarenesses and tangible results seem to come more slowly. It reminds me of peeling easy layers of an onion first and then later layers are finer and more difficult to find.

The latest year-long class on Genius was a great example. We did some work on identifying our gifts for genius in the middle of the course (6 months ago) and only in the last few weeks has that work begun to settle in for me and I can see & feel real results.

Thinking of the process as an experiment on myself to see how far I can take this thing actually helps cut my need for instant gratification. The more I grow the more I need to wait for the results.