left Xtraordinary Living At Its Best: Podcast Episode #14 -The Biology of Belief

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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Podcast Episode #14 -The Biology of Belief

Episode #14 of the Xtraordinary Living podcast is out. The topic is The Biology of Belief.

In our courses PL&L clients hear how are thoughts create our feelings, which then create emotions, which lead to actions and then to the results we see in our lives. In this informative Xtraordinary Living Podcast, you will hear Dr. Bruce Lipton's "new biology" scientific evidence to support how our thinking creates our reality. We also discuss how this leading-edge science dovetails with mind-body medicine and spiritual principles.

In this 14th Episode you will hear:
-- The difference between the "new biology" and the "old biology."
-- How our perceptions, attitudes and thoughts about our environment affect our day-to-day existence.
-- How there are no real "cancer genes."
-- Why some people express "spontaneous remission" from illnesses.
-- How "everyday stress" affects our body's cells and their ability to keep us healthy or prone to dis-ease.
-- How our early formative years establish a subconscious belief system far more powerful than our conscious mind.
-- What we can do today to stop the "playback" of our default behaviors.
-- And much more!

This episode is 37 minutes long. Enjoy!

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