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Monday, March 10, 2008

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Podcast #44 - Live Pain Free

Podcast 44 of Xtraordinary Living is out. In this episode I interview Chris Kussoff. Not a day goes by that we don't see advertising for drugs to relieve pain. Headaches, joint pain, back, neck, shoulder, hip pain . . . the world of modern medicine either prescribes drugs to mask the pain or recommends surgery to relieve the pain. When my partner and President of Productive Learning & Leisure, Lindon Crow, and a long-time client, Jack Parsons, found themselves with athletic injuries, both explored alternative therapies. Each have benefited greatly from a postural therapy program called Egoscue. With our podcast goal of covering the extraordinary, we wanted to learn more about this option.

Chris is the owner and clinic director of the Orange County, California Egoscue Method Clinic. According to Chris' thorough explanation, the body has a natural blueprint. With injuries or repetitive motion activities, the body gets out of alignment and a muscular compensation pattern occurs. This anomaly often results in chronic pain. Many of us just silently put up with our pain. Or, if we are to believe what we hear and see with the media, drugs and/or surgery is our solution.

In our 44th episode, we ask Chris some key questions about living pain free:
-- What exactly is the Egoscue Method?
-- Why do people who have surgery or take medication still have their pain?
-- How is Egoscue different from traditional physical or massage therapy, chiropractic treatments or yoga exercises?
-- What is the process to get started with Egoscue; when would one see results; and what does a typical program look like?
-- What is involved as far as time and commitment?
-- Who is a good candidate for Egoscue?
-- and more.

Chris Kussoff tells it like it is in this informative podcast. Be sure to forward to friends or family that could use alternative non-pharmaceutical answers to pain. Plus, if your muscles are chronically tight . . . or, if you feel great after a massage, but a week later you start hurting again, maybe it would be worth your while to check out an Egoscue clinic in your area.

After you listen to the podcast post your thoughts below. In addition, you can leave your feedback by phone. Simply call 1-800-609-9006 x3144 and record your comments and tell me what you think.

This episode is approximately 26 minutes long. To listen to it, click on the play button below:

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Anonymous said...

Has to be one of the most informative and well spoken broadcasts I've ever listened to. Thank you and Chris for the information. Mary Cardwell