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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Podcast Episode #32 - AMA the Improvement Continuum

Episode # 32 of Xtraordinary Living is out. Since for many people living an "extraordinary life" seems unattainable, from time to time I do solo podcasts where I talk about how to move from the same old, same old to the extraordinary. As the musical intro suggests – "living life to the max" is one way to live an "extraordinary life." In this episode I cover "Awareness, Motivation and Ability (AMA) the Improvement Continuum." Without desire, awareness, skills and practice, one can easily find themselves off the path to living large.

In our 32nd episode, you'll hear:
-- How AMA is a prescription for success, but not one subscribed by your physician.
-- What are the four stages of improvement and the role desire plays in getting the wheels in motion.
-- What is your EQ? (Hint – it's not taught in school.)
-- How the ability to delay gratification is an important indicator of your future success.
-- Why awareness and motivation are not enough to make improvements in your life
-- How in order to move from the mundane to the extraordinary you need daily practice.
-- What are some easy ways to develop your abilities?
-- and more.

Impatience is a sign that one hasn't "got" the AMA principles. EQ and abilities can often take years to develop. Through a regular schedule of personal growth courses an individual can expedite this process. It's like joining a gym to get in great shape, you can think about, join, BUT if you don't show up and use your membership you won't see the improvement you originally desired when you paid your membership fee. Living an extraordinary life requires commitment, yet it seems effortless once you start to enjoy the results!

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This episode is approximately 14 minutes long. To listen to it, click on the play button below:

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