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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

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Give a dollar. Tell two people. Save many lives!

Back in 2007 I did a podcast with Azim Khamisa where he shared his remarkable story of how he turned a horrifying experience into a beautiful mission. Please read below and contribute your dollar as well as play the chain game. It is a very worthwhile cause.

Do YOU want to play the
TKF Chain Game?
January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010

Raise awareness among 1 milllion people and reach $1 million to help fund TKF's effective violence prevention programs, evaluations and research.

Email us at: info@tkf.org
View: www.stopkidsfromkillingkids.org


Remember the Chain Game?
We need to start a chain reaction to save the
valuable lives of our youth– will you help?

16 young people are murdered on average each day in the
United States* to violence.
We are tired of the senseless violence against our youth;
they deserve more from us than this.

Please reach out and make a dollar donation, THEN ask two others to do the same and THEN have them
continue this chain reaction.

Together, with your help, we can reach our goal and create a
more peaceful existence for our youth and communities.

*Childrens Defense Fund- Oct 2007