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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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Walk our talk.

Walk our talk! That's one of our core values at PL&L. One area where we have not been doing this is as a company, is having staff retreats. I'm happy to report that we are back "on track." Last week most of PL&L's staff participated in a staff retreat on a cruise ship in Mexico. It was great to have us all interact in a non-work environment. In addition, we also got to spend some time planning and dreaming about PL&L's future.

I walked away from this experience feeling very fortunate that we have a wonderful group of people who are committed to living an helping others live an Xtraordinary life.

One of the topics we discussed was how to help our clients get more value out of their PL&L experiences. These were not intended to be strategic conversations, bur rather "big picture" ones. The conversations took us to some unexpected places and as a result, we are already working on a couple of ideas to make this happen. Stay tuned for some very exciting updates in the near future.