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Monday, November 27, 2006

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Feedblitz Update

Email notification is the most convenient way to read or listen to new blog content. Currently when there is a new post or podcast, you get automatic updates via Feedblitz.

On a recent post, a reader sent me a message letting me know that my post copy made no sense. Upon review, I found out that subscribers had only received a portion of the message’s content. I have since discovered there is a glitch in the system -- where sometimes instead of receiving the full content of the post in your email notification, you only receive portions of it.

In order to address this issue, subscribers will be notified via Feedblitz when new content is added, but the message will only contain the new post's “title” with a direct link to the blog. This easy access link will take you to the Xtraordinary Living blog to read the entire post or hear the podcast.

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