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Sunday, October 15, 2006

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Podcast Episode #17 - Motivation

Episode #17 of the Xtraordinary Living podcast is out. The topic is"Motivation". In this episode I interview Susie Walton. Susie was the recipient of the San Diego Parent Educator of the Year award. She is the founder - director of Indigo Village and RCB Team San Diego, a certified network of parenting educators. As a leading expert in the field of communication with special emphasis in family dynamics, Susie has facilitated programs for such companies as Qualcomm, Sharp Hospital, YMCA and California Youth Authority. Growing up, she definitely had the opportunity to learn the skills of both motivation and communication, as she was the fifth child in a family of 10. As a co-trainer with Susie in our Productive Learning & Leisure "Parenting" course, I am especially excited about this podcast. Susie gives her perspective on "motivation" as it relates to both children and adults.

In this episode, Susie and I discuss:

> Internal versus external motivation -– or the two faces (ways) to motivate.
> The questions you can ask both children and adults to help them feel important.
> Giving "power kids" either / or options to help foster "from within" motivation.
> How a once a week "Family Meeting" or a workplace "Staff Meeting" can set the tone for having a goal-oriented, motivating week.
> The importance of adding "action" to an apology in the form of a "make up".
> Adding conflict resolution strategies to help motivate yourself and others.

To learn more about Susie Walton'’s Southern California-based Indigo Village and links to the national RCB parenting network and programs, go to: IndigoVillage.com

A quote I once read goes, "Motivation is what gets us started, and habit is what keeps us going."

This episode is approximately 23 minutes long. If you have broadband, click on the play button below:

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