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Saturday, August 19, 2006

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What constitutes Xtraordinary Living?

I was asked that question by a course-participant this weekend. My response was the first time I really articulated my personal vision of the concept to others. You see to me Xtraordinary Living is a combination of things. Here's a partial list -- in no particular order:

-- When you can't wait to get up in the morning and you hate going to bed at night because life is so exciting.
-- Dealing with adversity in such a way that you grow from it and also inspire others.
-- Regularly having "one-of-a-kind" type of adventures that very few people get to experience i.e. swimming with whales, traveling through Europe on the "Orient Express", being in the middle of the Serengetti plains with the animal migration all around you, etc.
-- Having strong intimate relationships with family, friends and work associates.
-- Having a job/career/business that doesn't feel like work.
-- Accepting the necessary risks so that I don't ever say "I wish I would have..."
-- Continually "pushing the envelope" as to what is possible.

What does Xtraordinary Living mean to you? Or as the kid in the movie "What the Bleep do we know?" would ask: "How far down the rabbit whole do you want to go?"


Lilly Weeda said...

For me, I am living my Xtraordinary Life every day now. I know that I create each and every day and have control over how I act and react to events and happenings throughout my life. By focusing on specific goals or issues, writing down my "vision" of what I know is possible from what I believe to be the best perspective, I create my world.
I know I'm on track when I recognize that I am living my mission: To Enlighten. Inspire and Enjoy. I'm enjoying myself and feel like I'm positively impacting all I come in contact with - whether in passing or with purpose, I leave a wake of smiles.
I have the authority to choose how I use my time thoughout the day and I accept the responsibility that authority gives me - for better or worse. I am learning not to beat myself up on those days when my choices could have been better and I'm not crazy about the results. Particularly on those days, I will gift myself time at the end of the day to write; to script; to evaluate and create. Then, instead of lyng awake all night, reliving and dramatizing what went wrong, I have taken steps to get back on track.
My world is colored with wonderful people and experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. Every day is an adventure and I'm so appreciative to live it!
Thanks for the chance to share it with you!