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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Had you called the PL&L offices over the weekend and asked for either my partner Lindon or me, you would have been told that we were both out of town. You would have probably assumed that we were both away on a Learning Vacation. But that was not the case. Lindon was in New Orleans playing in a volleyball tournament and I was in Las Vegas playing in a baseball tournament.

Among the many things we have in common is that Lindon and I both continue to pursue our love of sport in competitive situations. As we get older, it gets physically more difficult to maintain the level of performance needed to compete at that level. And yet, that is part of the challenge. Getting and staying in "tournament shape" is part of the fun.

One of my dreams as a kid was to play professional baseball. I loved playing baseball and couldn't get enough of it. Still do. I'm really blessed that physically I can still do this at my age and that I have created a business that affords me the time to do it.

Oh by the way, both Lindon's and my team won our tournaments. As one famous baseball player once said "you don't need to win to have fun at this game, but it certainly helps."

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