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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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The other day I received a very inspiring video from one of my clients. It was a short TV segment about her niece performing with her high school's Flag Team. It just happens that her niece is blind. One of the comments from her team mates was that "somebody forgot to tell her that she wasn't supposed to do this." Not only that, but the story also told how she had failed to make the team a few times before succeeding.

It also reminded me of another client who is also blind. Again, you would never know it based on how she operates. She was part of the group that went on the "Dare to Manifest Your Dreams" Learning Vacation on the Orient Express last fall and probably enjoyed the trip more than any one of us. She was able to "see" through other's descriptions of the sites as well as using her other senses. Again, if you simply listened to her comments and insights, you would never have know that she couldn't see with her own eyes.

These people are an inspiration to me and many others. They are living examples of regular people doing extraordinary things. Since one of my goals is to be the kind of person that inspires others the way those people inspire me, I'm very thankful to have those people be role models for me.


Diane Endo said...

Thank you for these examples. It reminds me of someone who was very active at our church a few years back. She is blind, and that never stopped her from living her dreams. We wouldn't see her at church during the winter because she was out every weekend, SKIING. That is inspiring to me. How many times do we let those small things get in our way of doing something we say we want?