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Monday, February 13, 2006

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Late to the party, Lindon's first blog

Now that Rick has this blog up and running I’ve been pressed into action but like most of us I’m new to this form of communication. I’ll follow Rick’s lead and use this to share with others a bit of my experiences away from the office.

Our oldest daughter has been married a year now and our twins are enjoying their Freshman year at college. So it seems like a natural time to look at our vision and our goals. Robin and I have both taken on health as an important focus. We decided to turn it up a notch and see what kind of extraordinary results we might accomplish. Some people might feel that Robin and I are a bit over zealous with our goals around health and fitness and I can’t really argue that, but I get pretty jazzed around the idea of extraordinary living and this seems right in line.

I love my active life. I love to surf, snowboard, SCUBA, Bike Ride, play golf and more. Most of all I love to play volleyball. I play recreationally on the beach and in organized competitions indoors. I’m going to use volleyball as a way to measure my performance and give me some goals that are not merely statistics but have an enjoyable end result.

I’m already pretty healthy. I weigh in at about 195lbs and 13.5% body fat (I need to get a current test.)

On the objective side I want to get to 185lbs and 8.5% body fat. I’m thinking I’d like to get my vertical jump over 30 inches (currently mid 20’s) and I’d like to play pain and injury free. The inflammation in my knees and shoulder can be pretty severe at times and I’ve been struggling with muscle pulls and strains that are slow to heal.

A bit more subjective is my actual performance on the court. I want to be competitive with good players that are 10-15 years younger and to be a significant contributor to the two teams I’ll play with in the nationals (May ’06.) I’d like to be taking home Gold medals in both divisions.

I think this blog will give me an added sense of accountability and an opportunity to share a hobby of mine with all of you. Seems a bit presumptuous that anyone would be interested but… I guess that’s the beauty of a Blog.

I’ll report back in future posts


Virginia said...

Lindon & Rick,
Very nice blogging! I love this feature as it's keeping me feeling connected to my PL&L family while I am not in workshops.

I very much liked reading Lindon's goals on body fat, weight and living that extraordinary life in terms of health and fitness. I found it motivating. I'm going for 18% body fat this year and it's going quite well.

Rick. thanks for creating this connection to PL&L,
Virginia Lukei