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Friday, May 28, 2010

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The Most Efficient Form of Exercise I Know Of

Here's an article that was written about me that will have you learn a few things about me.

Rick Itzkowich (at bat) was skeptical he could get great results in just 20 minutes, but during 11 years of training with The Perfect Workout, he's gained strength and saved time.

Rick Itzkowich loves the game of baseball. He's not only a huge fan (he's batted against professional pitching at the Dodgers fantasy camp), but he still plays in an adult league. He's the leadoff hitter, plays shortstop and is easily one of the fastest guys on the team.

That wouldn't be so unusual, except for the fact that Rick is 52 years old, and he plays in a 38-and-over division, where a lot of the guys are ten years younger than he is.

Not only that, but he snowboards, scuba dives, road bikes, and plays tennis. Somehow he fits all this in while acting as Vice President of Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC, a company he co-founded back in 1992.

What's the key to Rick's youthful exuberance? And how does he find time to stay in shape for all these activities?

Rick confesses, "I don't particularly like to exercise. I've always done the minimum weight lifting needed to enjoy the activities I do." The Perfect Workout sounded like the perfect fit, but Rick says, "I was skeptical. Not that I could do it, but that I'd get the results they claimed."

That was almost 11 years ago. Today he's still going strong at The Perfect Workout, and Rick figures he might be the longest running client.

The beauty of The Perfect Workout is that in two 20-minute sessions per week, you can increase strength, increase metabolism (burning more fat and calories all day long, and keeping you lean), and enjoy all your other activities more. As Rick has found out, everything is easier when you're maintaining your youthful strength.

Rick's main goal all along has been to maintain his athleticism as he gets older. "I'm not one of the fastest guys on my baseball team because I got faster, but because the rest of the guys got slower!"

Most people Rick's age have to watch what they eat and step up the exercise, and they still see a slowly deteriorating physical condition. Rick continues to eat the way he's always eaten, and participate in all the activities he's always done.

"It's all about spending the least amount of time possible and getting the results I want," says Rick. "I can work out as little as I do, and maintain what I have. It's the most efficient form of exercise I know of."

Efficient use of time is extremely important to Rick, because his other passion is the business he started 18 years ago, San Clemente-based Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC (www.ProductiveLearning.com). Productive Learning & Leisure (PL&L) is a privately held company that provides the tools and experiences to help people create an "extraordinary life" in a relaxed atmosphere of fun, sports and recreation.

"Adults learn the same way as kids," says Rick, "by doing and having fun!" PL&L offers personal growth seminars using a model based on the integral link between leisure, sports, adventure and life.

Rick has been teaching personal development seminars since 1980, and found that people approach business and personal situations in much the same way they address sports or any other "real life" challenge.

PL&L combines that approach with adventure travel, personal growth and new experiences. The net result is clients who feel refreshed, inspired, and better equipped to lead happier and more productive lives, both personally and in business.

Upcoming courses include "Producing Positive Change" here in Southern California, "Life Patterns Advanced" in Hawaii, "Learn to Learn" in Indonesia, and many others.

When he's not busy running PL&L, Rick is helping small businesses with a tool he developed called "QuoteActions" (www.QuoteActions.com). The QuoteActions program is a perfect tool for entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales reps and others who want an easy and inexpensive way to stay in front of clients and prospects.

It's a tool that was born out of necessity. Rick had a newsletter that was going out monthly to his clients, and realized how expensive and time-consuming it was to produce it.

QuoteActions is a simple, turn-key system that allows a business owner or sales rep to stay in front of prospects on a regular basis. It creates goodwill with those prospects, offers something of value, and ultimately, produces sales. Rick says it only takes 10-15 minutes to set up, and it's at a cost that every business can afford.

Whether it's staying in peak physical condition at age 52, or helping clients achieve more productive business and personal lives through Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC, or QuoteActions, Rick is one of the most positive, energetic, and fascinating guys you'll ever meet.

As Rick would tell you, it's a mindset. If you're a lifelong learner, action-oriented, and open to doing things a little differently than the masses, you'll be successful.


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