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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Empty the Tank

My business partner recently wrote a great article that I felt was worth sharing to my blog readers. Enjoy.

"Whenever I see Bruce Springsteen do anything, he empties the tank...every time.
He empties that tank for his family,
He empties that tank for his art,
He empties that tank for his audience,
He empties that tank for his country."

Jon Stewart honoring Bruce Springsteen.

Empty the Tank

I'm not sure if I can imagine a more honorable thing being said about a human being in just a few lines. It says nothing about his success; it says nothing in any way about the outcomes. It simply defines the character of a man and leaves the results to be judged by others.

The results we produce in our lives have importance to us and probably many others. Much of what we hope for is a product of what we accomplish. I care very much about the outcome of my efforts...but I've also learned that in the end I cannot control that outcome. What I'm left with is what's inside of me. What I bring to the game. It is my integrity, my commitment, my imagination, my sense of humor, my will and my love. For me, that's what it means to "empty the tank." I love that thought.

I love going to bed at night with an empty tank. I love heading home from leading a class with an empty tank. I have loved laying my young children down to sleep as my tank goes dry. One of the great feelings in my life is that moment when the final point goes down, and I know that I left nothing and my tank is empty. I pray that when I take my last breath--I will be leaving with my tank empty. It's the way I choose to live my life.

In addition I have always found that my tank refills. It's replenished, because while the outcome is uncontrollable, emptying my tank is my choice, and it's a choice that is fulfilling. It's just another wonderful irony of life. . . empty your tank to be fulfilled.

I believe that this is a good year to empty your tank as well. Each time you pick up the phone for business or pleasure give it your all. If there is a cause worthy of your time, empty your tank. If you're competing in a sport, pour out your energy full force. Each time you hold your loved one in your arms empty your heart.

Your primary reason for choosing to empty your tank is not based on the results you will get. Results often lead to inevitable disappointment. The core of this commitment comes from knowing that you will have already won regardless of the results. The experience of an extraordinary life is not in what happens but in the type of effort put into making things happen.

In 2010 "Empty the Tank" -- whenever you do anything, every time.

Lindon Crow
Co-founder and President
Productive Learning & Leisure LLC


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