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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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Podcast #54 - Beyond Health and Wellness Myths

In this episode of the Xtraordinary Living podcast my guest is Mark Sisson, founder of Primal Nutrition. Mark and I go back over 20 years through a self-development firm we both were involved in.

As a bit of background, in the early 80s, Mark experienced some of the highest levels of human performance. His 2:18 marathon earned him a fifth place at the 1980 USA National Marathon Championships, and he finished 4th in the 1982 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship. But his efforts to achieve peak fitness cost him his health as both his state-of-the-art training regimen and his high-carbohydrate diet eventually resulted in arthritis, gastrointestinal issues, frequent upper respiratory tract infections and chronic tendinitis. He was forced to retire from elite competition at the age of 28.

Now the picture of health at 56, Mark has spent the past 28 years using his pre-medical background, a degree in biology and an intense desire to unlock health secrets -- to find the answers to natural ways of achieving good health. His popular blog "MarksDailyApple" and book, The Primal Blueprint, show others how to avoid common mistakes and rapidly achieve the best health results.

In this Xtraordinary Living Podcast Episode #54 you'll hear:
--> How Mark's mission "To empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing and critically rethinking everything we've assumed to be true about health and wellness" keeps him on purpose helping others achieve health and wellness.
--> What Mark means by "rethinking everything."
--> Who is Grok?
--> What are the key points of the Primal Blueprint.
--> Why the following four wellness recommendations are indeed myths: 1) need for grain-based carbs; 2) cholesterol and fats are bad; 3) aerobic exercise is good for you; and 4) drink 64 oz. of water per day.
--> Mark's Rules of Thumb for healthy living.
--> And more.

In closing we asked Mark if he had one idea he'd like people to take away with them. He shared the following, "Maintain your health, it's your number one obligation and responsibility, before your family and business."

For more information on Mark Sisson go to his website and subscribe to his daily blog: MarksDailyApple and click here to get his book Primal Blueprint.

This episode is approximately 29 minutes long. To listen to it, click on the play button below:

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