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Saturday, November 28, 2009

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A good time to reflect and appreciate

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. My family and I just returned from a short trip to Chicago where we visited my sister and her family. It was the first time in years that we spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with a member of my family and it was extremely gratifying.

I'm usually the holiday grinch. However, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday because of what it represents.

While I was away, I received a very touching short 2-minute video that I'm sharing with you here. This is especially directed to those of you who are the primary earners in your family. Press here to watch the $25 dollar movie.

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Fred said...

Hi Rick: I had a similar good experience reconnecting with my family in Boston. Got a chance to see my niece and her two new infants and the rest of my extended family back there. Definitely gives one a sense of continuity of life. Thanks for the reminder.