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Monday, September 22, 2008

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Extraordinary Strength of Character

As I commented on Podcast #50 - The Sky is falling, the media is full of stories that leave us feeling pretty mad, sad or afraid. That is because they almost exclusively report stories that reflect a lack of character, selfishness and plain ugliness. A colleague of mine Paula Frazier from BNI and the Referral Institute pointed me to the following short 6-minute video that is definitely an exception. Enjoy!

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Paula said...


Bad news travels INCREDIBLY fast. Good news sometimes needs a little help making the headlines.

Thanks so much for your commitment to helping others lead Xtraordinary Lives!


Elnora said...

Rick, Your blog on the different social networking sites is a wish fulfilled. Like everyone, I am asked to join a variety and I have hesitated because the work to join and the sheer number seem overwhelming. Now I feel that a manageable intro has lit the way forward. Many thanks, Elnora