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Sunday, February 10, 2008

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How Safe is Your Identity?

Over the Holidays, my sister was sharing with me about how one of her friends had had her identity stolen and what a nightmare that was. A few weeks later, my credit card company called me because they suspected fraudulent activity. Sure enough, someone had gotten my credit card number and made some unauthorized purchases. Even though I wasn't financially responsible for these charges, it ended up costing me something even more valuable - time.

The good news is that I found a solution that makes identity theft for myself and my family something that I will probably not have to worry about anymore. There is a company out there called Life Lock

that is offering the best product in the market. Unlike credit monitoring services (which I used to have), that notify you AFTER your identity has already been compromised, Life Lock PROACTIVELY prevents thieves from using your information. In addition, they offer a ONE MILLION DOLLAR GUARANTEE that allows you to collect should you ever become a victim of identity theft while using their service.

Identity Theft is something that affects ALL of us - even if we're fortunate enough to not experience it directly. We all end up paying higher fees and have to put up with increased bureaucracy as a result of it. I urge you to check this product out and take their free 30-day trial. After that, you can protect yourself and your family for only pennies a day.

As a matter of fact, children are just as vulnerable as adults when it comes to having their identities stolen. However, it may take years to find out that a child's identity has been stolen. By the time they apply for their own credit years later, their whole financial situation might already be a mess.

Additional bonuses that come from signing up for their service is that they will help you significantly reduce the junk mail you receive and will help you replace the contents of your wallet if it is ever stolen.

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