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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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The Power of Our Thoughts

The picture above is of my daughters Veronica and Vanessa and our dog Beyonce.

As many of you know, my wife Jessica is originally from Sweden. Every year she and my daughters go back there to visit friends and family. When she's away, I take over "dog duties." Among these duties is making sure that Beyonce (that is our dog's name) gets a 45 - 60 minute walk every day.

I have observed and discovered many different things during this daily walk that I would like to share on the blog. Rather than make a long post about all of these, I've decided to spread them out over different posts.

Earlier this year I posted an article on the Power of Little. In it I wrote about how little things do add up.

One of the things I started doing when walking on the beach is bringing an extra plastic bag and picking up trash. I did this because it just didn't feel right to see all that trash in such a beautiful setting. I also remember thinking the big difference it would make if every person who was walking on the beach brought a bag and did the same thing.

When I first started doing this a few weeks ago, a few people who walked by thanked me for doing this. Then yesterday, a lady who saw me doing this came over and asked if I wanted help. She pulled out an extra "doggie bag" and started picking trash alongside with me.

Now here's the really interesting part. This morning, I saw four different people who were all carrying their own plastic bags and picking up trash along the beach. While I can't take credit for starting this on our beach, I can't dismiss the fact that I had something to do with this.

I've been in the personal development business for 27 years and I still find it fascinating to experience how the power of our thoughts translates into creating our reality.


Anonymous said...

God love you, Man! I walk every morning on the beach with my neighbor and it never occurred to me to do this. Now I will! Thanks for giving me another great action idea to make the world a nicer place!

By the way, Jean was awesome at "Jumpstart Your Dreams", and so has been Phil's support . I'm busy putting together my dream of pursuing investing and teaching people about investing, rather than just doing it for myself as a lucrative "hobby". Before I took "Prosperity" last year with Phil, it never would have occurred to me to do that (because of a two truly stupid invalid reasons, of course) and before I took "Jumpstart" I never would have had the courage. I'm so thankful you all exist!

So, in order for me to "do Thank you" I'm going to pick up trash in PL&L's honor on the beach tomorrow. You guys get the garbage out of my head and I'll get the garbage off the beach.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Everyday we have a choice, don't we? I often take lunch or just a bottle of water and go sit in a children's park near my work to clear my head and heart. The other day, as I put my trash in the bin, I also picked up something that was near it on the ground and threw it away. A young child was watching, got off his swing, picked up another piece of something near him and brought it over and put it in the bin - and smiled at me. It was a nice moment of connection. I felt like I had modeled behavior that he would remember. At least I hope so.
Way to go, Rick and Sara! We can all make a difference!