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Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Podcast Episode #15 - Building Relationships

Episode #15 of the Xtraordinary Living podcast is out. The topic is Building Relationships.

Just as Productive Learning & Leisure places an emphasis in our courses on "extraordinary relationships," we spoke with Dr. Misner about his view of the importance of building and creating extraordinary relationships in business and our personal life.

In this 15th episode you will hear:
-- How Dr. Misner started BNI in 1985, and the fact that over 4.4 million referrals were passed last year generating over $1.7 billion for BNI members around the world.
-- The best referral Dr. Misner ever received in BNI as a member.
-- Why in this day and age, we need to create a virtual Main Street.
-- The role communication plays in cultivating strong relationships.
-- And much more!

I have personally been a BNI member for 8 years and can attest to the power of this organization. My association with BNI has been an invaluable asset in building PL&L. If you would like to find out more about this organization, click here:BNI.

This episode is 31 minutes long. If you have broadband, click on the play button below:

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If you don't have broadband click here:Podcast #15