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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Walking the talk

Earlier this week we had a staff meeting at PL&L. One of the purposes of these meetings is to help us assess how we are doing in our journey to become an Xtraordinary business. You see, "walking our talk" is one of our core values at PL&L. If our courses are all about pursuing the concept of "Xtraordinary Living," then the business of PL&L needs to be reflective of this.

Unfortunately, so far this year we have been operating at a very ordinary level. While our business is doing OK, we certainly are not doing great. Jim Collins addresses this in his book "Good to Great" when he writes: "Good is the enemy of Great". The reason why it is so hard for businesses to do great on a consistent basis, is because "good" is often "good enough." That certainly has been true for us so far this year.

This meeting provided a great forum for us to have some much needed conversations about what it is that we need to do to get back on the Xtraordinary track. The result was well worth it. We walked out of the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose of commitment to our vision and our values.

Living an Xtraordinary Life does not mean that you don't go off track from time to time. However it does mean that once you notice you're off track, you immediately get yourself back on track. If you are reading this blog, I ask that you support me and PL&L by holding us accountable anytime you see that we are not operating from an Xtraordianry place.

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Diana Dron said...

Rick, I can honestly say that when I am involved with a workshop with PL&L this year, it has been extraordinary. However, I promise that if I believe things are only at the level of "good", I will let you know.


Andy said...

Rick, I second Diana's comment. I have been thrilled with my extraordinary workshop experiences. PL&L has never failed to exceed my expectations.